Thomas Bønig photography

"At some point Photography became my life. It wasn´t so much of a conscious decision, but more a force that fuels my existence. Photography gives me a reason to find something interesting in the most ordinary – an access to parts and stories on our planet, which maybe otherwise i would´t have even noticed. I´m coming from a traditional product and advertising background, the classical traineeship – but right after becoming a freelance photographer i realized it´s the people, the stories and life in general that my attention was drawn to. I connect very easy – i think it is crucial being genuine, authentic, honest and non-judgmental to get a good conversation going, especially visually, with any human being, celebrity or war-refugee. Photography never stops for me – i learn every day, amazed by all those different facetes photography is offering."

Thomas´clients range from Adidas, Puma and Tesla, to Universal Music, Ibanez and Carrera Toys. He has been working with Leica on various personal travel projects.